Change Your Body… Transform Your Life!

Belly Off Boot Camp is a revolutionary new weight loss and fitness program for women only!  It’s based on scientific principles and proven weight loss strategies from personal trainer and body transformation expert, Bob Thomson.

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. So many things can go wrong… food choices, portions, calories, temptations, motivation.  Knowing what type of exercises are best for burning the most fat also eludes most women. Having a proven plan and an experienced coach makes all the difference.

Belly Off Boot Camp was designed for busy women and is based on “real world” results from Bob’s personal training and boot camp clients.

Ready?  Let’s start writing your success story today!

Let’s Start Writing Your Success Story!

Dozens of client testimonials prove my weight loss & fitness program works. Follow some simple tips and you will succeed.

It’s Your Turn To Win!

Something magical happens when you start eating clean and exercising regularly… You feel and look better. You get a bounce in your step. You gain real momentum. And momentum carries you through your days, weeks and months, helping you achieve your weight loss goals without having to obsess over them.