Meet Eileen J: 65 lbs Lost

Here is a case study based on one of my most successful clients. Her name is Eileen Jessup. Her story is NOT finished – Eileen wants to lose another 15 lbs. Over the last 20 months, she’s gone from a size 20 to a size 6 and has lost a total of 65 LBS!! There’s a lot you can learn from hearing her story…

Eileen Before

When Eileen first started her weight loss journey, she could hardly do one pushup. She couldn’t do a situp without someone holding her feet and even then she could only eek out a few of them. She was extremely de-conditioned (out of shape).

She didn’t know how to eat for weight loss. She didn’t know how to exercise for weight loss.

Eileen had knee problems and plenty of other issues that might have kept an average woman from staying focused and committed.

Being substantially overweight, her health was in serious jeopardy. She was at an elevated risk for developing heart disease, Type II diabetes and other chronic diseases.

She often felt sluggish and didn’t have a lot of energy each day as she went through her activities of daily living. Working a full time job plus handling all of her motherly and domestic duties was extremely draining on her.

For example, when horsing around with the kids or going up a few flights of stairs, she would easily get out of breath.

Eileen knew she needed to do something about her weight since every aspect of her life was being negatively affected by it.

Eileen Now

Healthier, 65 lbs lighter, 6 sizes smaller, incredibly fit and vivacious and having run numerous 5K races over the past year, Eileen is arguably a totally new person. And her confidence and self esteem have soared over the last 18 months.

Let me tell you a bit more about Eileen’s successful journey…

The first important secret of Eileen’s success was that consistent, small weight losses over time = BIG results.

Eileen wasn’t obsessed with losing 60 lbs in 2 months or something unrealistic and too difficult for her to adhere.

All Eileen tried to do was lose 1 pound per week. And she did that for a lot of weeks. Some weeks she lost more. Some weeks she lost nothing. Other weeks she gained a pound or two. Two steps forward, one step back.

You see, the key to Eileen’s success was consistency and accepting the fact you can’t lose every week. Whenever she got off track, she made adjustments and came back the following week and lost a pound or two.

She exercised at least 3 days per week as little as 15 minutes and as much 60 minutes per workout. Some weeks she was not able to workout out nearly as often.  These days she does bootcamp style workouts at home and runs around her neighborhood a lot.  She stayed active with her family. She ate a high protein, low-moderate carbohydrate diet most of the time. Believe it or not, she still eats her favorite ice cream treats every week.

The moral of her story is that you can’t have an “all or nothing” attitude about losing weight. That kind of attitude is a reflection of your perfectionist personality, your impatience for getting results or both.

When it comes to weight loss and exercise, something is better than nothing! Just keep it fun and challenging and the rewards will come.

Real Life Benefits

  • Eileen is in better shape than most 20 and 30-somethings
  • She can now run/walk 1 mile in about 9 1/2 minutes. When she first started, it took her over 16 minutes. That’s a significant cardiovascular fitness improvement!
  • She runs 5K races on a regular basis now. She never thought in her wildest dreams that she’d be running races!
  • Eileen is much healthier today at her new body weight
  • Eileen has lowered her blood pressure & resting heart rate to healthy levels
  • Eileen can do 15 full body push ups. When she started she could only do a few from her knees!
  • She Glows – Looking at Eileen during and since her dramatic body transformation, you can see that healthy look and glow on her face.
  • Improved Moods – Losing 65 lbs is plenty of reason to feel happier about your life.
  • More Energy & Zest for Life!


“The benefit of working with you Bob is having an expert on hand to ask questions of, get advice from and who shares the newest and greatest techniques for losing weight and getting fit. You’ve been there to support me 110%,  I couldn’t have done this without you and I appreciate everything you do for both Kevin and I.”

– Eileen

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