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Belly Off Boot Camp is a revolutionary new weight loss and fitness program for women only!  It's based on scientific principles and proven weight loss strategies from personal trainer and body transformation expert, Bob Thomson.

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. So many things can go wrong... food choices, portions, calories, temptations, motivation.  Knowing what type of exercises are best for burning the most fat also eludes most women. Having a proven plan and an experienced coach makes all the difference.

Belly Off Boot Camp was designed for busy women and is based on "real world" results from Bob's personal training and boot camp clients.

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Our fitness program will boost your metabolism and your energy levels like nothing you’ve tried before.

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Even if you’ve failed before

Transform your body into a healthy and fit machine. You’ll get in better shape than most 20 somethings.

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Dozens of client testimonials prove this fitness & weight loss program works. Follow it and you will succeed.

Finally! A Healthy Weight Loss Solution for Regular Women Just Like You!

Fitness and body transformation Expert Bob Thomson teaches you his best hacks and secrets to healthy and permanent weight loss. Belly Off Boot Camp for Women is a comprehensive NUTRITION EXERCISE guidance program.  Bob’s special techniques and training program immerse you in success principles. The program rests on 4 pillars...

4 Pillars of Permanent Healthy Weight Loss


Nutrition & Eating Habits

Knowing what to eat,  when to eat, how much to eat, macro nutrients, ratios, calories, fats and carbs… It can be very overwhelming for most folks. Bob demystifies the subject and motivates you to eat right for life! With Belly Off Boot Camp for Women, you’ll never be left guessing about food.


Your daily living habits will make or break your weight loss success. Belly Off Boot Camp for Women motivates you to install and reinforce new, healthful habits that get you the life-changing fat loss results you’re seeking.  All in the least lifestyle-pinching way possible!



Exercise on top of clean eating can double your weight loss results. Choosing the right exercises & being consistent is a linchpin for success. Belly Off Boot Camp will guide you to implementing an exercise routine you can stick with. You’ll gain endurance and strength after your 1st workout!


Motivation & Support

Getting & staying motivated is the toughest part of any weight loss journey. Without it, everything else fails. Belly Off Boot Camp was designed to be a supportive and uplifting, positive experience where women can get motivated and get in the best health and shape of their lives!

Your Ultimate Body and Supreme Health Are Ready & Waiting!

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With Belly Off Boot Camp for Women, you can build a healthy, jaw-dropping physique that wows you, your family and your friends time and again. Your life will never be the same!

An Open Letter to Women Who Have Failed to Lose Weight and Fit Into Their Skinny Jeans

Yes, You Too Can Shed the Fat to Reveal a Sexy You…Even If You’ve Failed Before. .

Secret Weight Loss Strategies Used By Celebrities, Pro Athletes & Fitness Trainers

Celebrities and Professional Athletes have no room for failure. They only use strategies that work.

Here’s How to Shed the Fat Faster Than Shoes Flying Off the Rack at a Half-Off Sale

Get into those skinny jeans in a blink of an eye –  It’s not hard – and most people find it fun once they know these exercise secrets:

Change your body. . .  Transform your life!

We live in society where food temptations are everywhere. Walk through a store and you’ll see the unhealthy food items displayed front and center.

Turn on the TV and you’ll be assaulted with commercials for fattening foods.  Open a magazine and you’ll notice glossy pin-ups of sugary snacks. Go down the street and you’ll have restaurant signs clamoring for your attention.

In addition to the abundance of tempting edibles, you also have deeply ingrained positive associations with indulging.  You treat tempting food as a reward.  You turn to tempting food for comfort. You rely on tempting food as stress relief.  You allow tempting food to become a habit.

Finally, It’s Your Turn to Win

Temptation doesn’t need to have the upper hand on you anymore.  It’s time to fight back using your most powerful asset: your brain.

Your mind is an amazing thing. Once it is made up about something it is nearly impossible to change it.

Something almost magical happens when you start eating clean and exercising regularly…  You feel and look better.  You get a bounce in your step. You gain real momentum. And momentum carries you through your days, weeks and months, helping you achieve your weight loss goals without having to obsess over them. 

Let’s get something straight up front.  Eating clean does not mean you are giving up flavor and taste!  And who says exercise has to make you feel miserable to be effective? 

I’m here to tell you those are myths bandied about by comfortable fat people who never intend on changing.

Your Coach Is Ready & Waiting… With Belly Off Boot Camp you will never be alone.  You get the nutrition, exercise training and support you need to finally make your toughest weight loss goals a reality!

Let's Start Writing Your Success Story!

Dozens of client testimonials prove my weight loss & fitness program works. Follow some simple tips and you will succeed.

It's Your Turn To Win!

Something magical happens when you start eating clean and exercising regularly… You feel and look better. You get a bounce in your step. You gain real momentum. And momentum carries you through your days, weeks and months, helping you achieve your weight loss goals without having to obsess over them.