Orientation Overview

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This is the foundation of your training!  It’s designed so you hit the ground running and get off to a great start. Things you’ll learn in Orientation include… Welcome!  If you haven’t read the welcome page yet, that’s the first place to start your program. Included is your first initiual “pep talk” to get you...

Module 3 Overview

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Module 3 builds upon the information and training you receive in Module 2. Module 3 includes the following training: Bridging Mind and Body 29 Simple Ways To Be Fit The Glycemic Index – What it is and why it’s important for weight loss Using Glycemic Load to Lose Weight The Importance of Grains, Plus Essential...

Telemeetings Overview

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Each week (for 8 weeks) we will hold a “telemeeting” to cover all of the important information you need to implement to be successful. Simply dial in to our private teleconference line and join the meeting to get up to speed fast PLUS have your questions answered.  These meetings will be VERY informative and motivating!...

Meet Venetta P: 57 lbs Lost

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Late April, I received a call that is becoming somewhat common for personal trainers: Venetta P. of Pleasant Valley decided to have gastric bypass surgery since she “tried everything to lose weight” and was tired of years of failure. I’m happy to report she canceled plans for surgery and instead lost 57 lbs in Only...

Meet Deana S: 34 lbs Lost

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When I first met Deana S. she was coaching her kids at a Beekman Youth soccer game on a crisp, fall Saturday… After the game, we talked about weight loss and she immediately signed up for the Tymor Fitness Boot Camp program. Fast Forward. By making a few simple changes to her lifestyle, Deana lost...

Module 1 Overview

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Module 1 builds upon the key things you learn in Orientation. The goal in module 1 is to get (or keep) you completely and consistently MOTIVATED to finally transform your body. You will get the shortcuts to motivation and learn some new tricks to lose weight quickly. But more importantly, you will learn how to...

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